Balance your mind, body and spirit.
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Reiki is naturally occurring life force energy. A Reiki Practitioner potentiates this energy to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing.


Eastern medicine has known for centuries that unprocessed emotion and stress is held as energy within our bodies. Here in the West, as we increasingly accept that most illnesses are indeed attributed to the imbalance of energy created by stress and trauma - Reiki is finally receiving the attention it deserves!


Reiki is a therapeutic bodywork practice compared to a gentle massage. You remain fully clothed and need nothing but to lay back and relax. Once the body and mind are in a calm, receptive space the ability to release and receive life force energy amplifies. Common experiences during and after a Reiki session include:

  • Elimination/ reduction of pain

  • Extreme sense of peace and ease

  • Improved physiology (lowers blood pressure; blood sugar levels; etc.)

  • Emotional release

  • Visions/messages from beyond our perceived (3D) world
  • Improved sleep

  • Improved problem solving, creative solutions

  • Heightened intuition and understanding


1 Hour : $85

Distance Reiki with Consult, 90 minutes : $90


Expressing ourselves is a powerful way to shift toxic energy from the body. To be heard and understood in a loving space creates space from energy that consumes our minds and constrict our bodies (That lump in your throat, the gnawing in your gut is energy that needs to move!).

In these sessions, I guide you back to your center, offering guidance and tools to help you move through confusion and overwhelm.

30 minutes: $35

60 minutes: $65


Stiff necks, headaches, overthinking and anxiety are symptoms of excess energy. Healing touch draws excess energy out of the neck and head, relaxing the nervous system (which governs the rest of the systems!) providing a space for natural life force energy to flow back in.

The bonus is that it feels unreal!


25 minutes: $35

Add on to Reiki Treatment: $15


Chakras are the body's energetic organs. Each chakra holds a specific frequency and when one, or more, are out of balance it creates an inharmonious vibration throughout the body. This causes pain, disease and emotional overwhelm and, because your vibe attracts everything, causes unfavorable life circumstances.


Thankfully, just like an instrument, our chakras can be tuned. Tuning forks emit the same frequency as a healthy chakra and encourage the realignment of our bodies energy field to that of Universal alignment. 

Tuning sessions are incredibly relaxing, energizing and effective!


Free with Reiki Treatment