Energy Management

Managing our energy is the panacea for a happy, healthy, balanced life.


There are two ways I help people manage their energy. The first is by teaching about personal energy management, also know as self awareness, or mindfulness.

In short, energy management, is the awareness of what you're doing while you're doing it. When we practice self awareness we change the chemistry of our body. It calms our system, lowers our blood pressure, changes our DNA, and raises our vibration. It also enhances our focus, intuition, memory, energy, and mood. It changes our lives by repairing self esteem, improving relationships and calling in good fortune. Self awareness is using the Law of Attraction in our favor. It's always available to us, and once we know how, it's like flipping on a switch. Life gets a lot more exciting when we remember how powerful we are!


The second way I assist people in managing their energy is through Reiki. Reiki is an ancient Japanese method for promoting stress reduction, relaxation and overall body wellness.


It's a Reiki practitioner's job to facilitate the movement of trapped or stagnant energy that may be impeding your well-being. Just like the blood in your veins, energy is meant to flow unobstructed. When we experience an energetic block, much like a blood clot, it cause an imbalance in the body. Internal imbalances then ripple out and cause imbalances in life. Signs of energy blocks are pain, disease, fatigue, overwhelm, resentment, anger, worry, and even reoccurring "bad luck". Although we can't see it, our health and wellness, depend on free flowing energy.