I love helping people learn how to eat more consciously and support their bodies with delicious, wholesome food. 


So much of our lives revolve around food. It heals us and harms us, used to celebrate, socialize, comfort, and cope. How we eat and why is a very personal topic for each of us and for many of us it's complicated.


Everyone has a different food story (how we grew up eating and how it effects us now) and we all have a different physiology (what works well in my body may not work well in yours). Despite what others may have us believe, not all diets are meant for all people and not all diets are meant for a lifetime - as health status changes, so too should our diets.

I support my clients with diet and supplement recommendations based upon their personal health history, current health status and ultimate goals. I aim to make life easier by offering tailor made Recipe e-Books that include easy and delicious treat and snack ideas (because we love treats and snacks). I encourage more local, whole, clean, fresh, and friendly sourced food, and include industry tricks and favorite brand suggestions. I'm also a big fan of fasting, detoxing and disease mitigating diets.

The supportive tips and strategies are endless - I love talking and learning about food just as much as I love eating it! But my main objective is to help you reconnect with your body and trust your inner wisdom. Our emotions, mood, symptoms and poop all tell a fascinating tale! The more we tune into our bodies the quicker we reach our goals  and the louder our answers become.

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